Electric Two-Wheelers future growth and safety concern in emerging industry


Electric two wheeler sales performance in recent months show how country have potential demand for such vehicle in emerging and developing country.

Due to high oil prices in domestic and international market middle class now have such alternate option for green and sustainable energy based vehicle in two and four wheeler segment.

However it long way to go for such green technology advancement to make primary choice which is safe and secure and easy to adopt by mass people.

Although recently such new reported about fire due to short circuit and batteries failure but still the segment is steadily showing an increase in term of sales after taking proper attention by government authorities and industry implements best practices and safety standards, better design and higher quality of battery standards to minimize any further risks or incidents which have people safety.

Although industry is in initial stages of development, with focus on low cost and higher standard of component, understanding better battery management system for Electric vehicle safety.

Electric two wheeler register impressive year-over-year increase due to increased public awareness and wide range of product offer by different manufacture in all segments.

Latest figure show that the Electric two wheelers registrations contribution about 3.94% of the total new two wheeler registrations in India.

Top few brand like Ola Electric, Okinawa, TVS Motors, Ather Energy, Hero Electric, Revolt, Tork Kratos R register remarkable growth.

The global market growing continuously for electric vehicle and its component with annual growth rate of 21.7%. It is expected to grow four time by 2030 due to increasing population significant cost saving option clean and environment friendly way option of transportation for everyone.

The government is also supporting electric vehicle by introduced an EV policy under which you can avail yourself of additional benefits of up to Rs 1.5 lakh which give you an advantage in tax savings. 

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