How to earn money online with three simple tips

Online Earning from Home Without Investment
Today, when the whole world is suffering from epidemic, then in this difficult time, a crisis of employment has arisen in front of many people.

Most people think that either we have a job from where we get a fixed salary or our family business income is the only way, but now a days there are many more options available due to technology advancement. That’s how we can use the available opportunities.

How to earn online during Corona pandemic

However, in this phase of the current Corona crisis, there has been an immediate impact on the employment of many people, many people have lost their jobs and businesses in this period of epidemic crisis.

In today's Morden era, the Internet has opened up many success paths, if you look around you, you will get many success stories, there are many people who have established themselves as a successful entrepreneur in the Internet world. Have done and have achieved the highest level of success today.

It is not difficult to earn money online. If you have decided that you can make money online then no one can stop you.

So, if you are excited, then there is no need for you to pay for the information in the present time to learn anything new because it is freely available, take this opportunity to launch new business ideas and increase your domain information.

Many people enjoy working as an online service provider so as many platforms are available to earn money, now we are going to share three most used ides to earn money online.

We are explaining in-depth ideas about how you use these ideas to start work online with soon as possible.

Earning online with Blogging

Blogging is a platform where an author or perhaps a group of writers share their views on an individual topic. Blogging is like a personal journal, presenting the lifestyle and ideas of the author. If you like to write, then it can be a simple and easy means of reaching your audience.



If your writing capacity is good and you have a separate digestion among your readers, then you can adopt blogging as a full-time business.

There are many reasons to start a blog for personal use, but if you have experience and expertise in specific field, it’s good to start a professional blog.

Who is the blogger

In recent times, bloggers have become famous due to various reasons, an alternative career or job for many people, some use this medium to create a different identity, encourage social work and reach out to more people in society.

Bloggers are those who like to post various topics from articles on education, business art, home design, carpentry and finance. In other words, they live on the Internet.

What is the purpose of the blogging

As a business, you believe that consumers will continue to buy your products and services. blogging also helps you to get those consumers and get their attention.

So, the most objective of a blog idea is to connect you with a relevant audience. The second way is to increase your traffic and provide quality information on your website.

As your blog posts get better, the more your visitors will be urged to find and view your website. Which means, a blog is an efficient lead generation tool. An excellent call to action (CTA) and it will turn your website traffic into high-quality leads.

When you provide informative and interesting posts, it builds an unbreakable relationship with your audience and builds a trust in yourself.

Good blogging help to promote business and effectively connect audience.

Blog Structure

A blog is a type of website. The only real difference between blogs and other types of websites is that blogs are regularly updated with new content, displayed in reverse chronological order (previously new posts).

Typical websites are static in nature where the content is organized into pages, and they are not frequently updated. Whereas a blog is dynamic, and it is usually updated more frequently. Some bloggers publish several new articles a day.

A blog can be part of a larger website. Often businesses have a blog section where they often provide content to inform and educate their customers.

You can use WordPress to create both a website and a blog, although many business owners use WordPress to create their own small business website. In simple words, all blogs are often part of an Internet or Internet site. However, not all websites can be called blogs.

Most people still consider whether there is a difference between a blog and a website. Differentiating between the two is even more challenging today. Many companies are now integrating blogs into their sites to promote their products.

What is difference between blog and website

A good blog needs constant updates because its basis is to provide the correct updated information so that it can connect with its readers.

Here readers get an opportunity to comment and express their various concerns.

On the other hand, static websites are made up of content presented on static pages Static website owners rarely update their pages.

Blog owners update their site with new blog posts on a daily basis. Content on a blog has the ability to provide something new every day, week or month.


Why is blogging important in today world

Every human has some creativity so, through the web, bloggers you can communicate ideas with a large group of individuals.

It is important to say that blogging is increasing with each passing day! So, to answer the question 'what is blogging', we will shed light on the factors behind its rise

Blogs allow you to speak and express your opinion on any topic. You have to write some blogger on every activity that happens every day. These can range from small issues to big issues like human rights and climate change!

Top brands and businesses create blogs to teach their customers, share news and reach a wider audience. Blogging has become an essential part of online marketing strategy for many businesses.

How to make money with blog

The blog provides an opportunity to organize your ideas and concepts, showcasing your skills, creativity and skills, helping businesses become an authority in your industry, with like-minded people Can help to socialize,

You can use blogging to bring more potential in online business. You can use the benefits of your blog to raise awareness, run social media campaigns and influence popular opinion.

Before you monetize your blog, you have to build both your Google SERPs rankings and your niche influence and it will take a lot of time and quality to earn money until you gain some credibility in this area. Opportunities will remain far away.

People generally consider bloggers to be fond. But a large number of bloggers make money from their blogs. More successful bloggers can make six-figure, seven-figure and even eight-figure income from their blogs.

Below are some methods that most bloggers use to earn money from their blogs:

The most common and probably easiest way to earn money online is to display advertisements. However, as a replacement blogger, you can contact advertisers directly.

Google AdSense provides an opportunity to display advertisements, collect payments from advertisers and earn you money through advertising.

Many bloggers also earn money through affiliate marketing, promotion of products and earning commissions when users show interest in the products.

Other common monetization methods include membership, selling online courses, or adding a web store to a blog.

See our list of proven ways to earn money online from your blog for some more examples.

We have a list of "easy-to-start" online business ideas that you can view.


CPC or CPM to monetize ads

The most important way for bloggers to earn money is to advertise on their site. There are two popular types of advertising:

CPC / PPC Advertising: Cost-per-click (also known as pay per click) ads are usually banners that you place only in your content or sidebar. Whenever a reader clicks on an advertisement, you purchase that click.

CPM Advertising: CPM advertising, or "cost per 1,000 impressions", are advertisements that pay you an amount to support the percentage of people who see your ad.

Perhaps the most popular network for placing this type of advertising is Google AdSense. With this program, you are not in direct contact with advertisers; You place only banners on your site, Google selects ads that are relevant to your content, and your audience clicks on the ads.


Private Advertising

Working with ad networks is not your only option when it involves selling advertisements. If you have enough traffic, advertisers can come to you and ask you to place your ad on your site. You can also contact advertisers yourself.

The biggest difference from the above option is that there is no middleman, which suggests that you will set your own advertising rates.

Selling personal ads may be available in the size of a banner, button, or link. You can also create a write-sponsored post where you review an advertiser's product or service. Another option is to write a low-rating post or series that you will write on any topic, but the advertiser mentions "advertising according to your article" in the content.

For example, you might charge a one-time fee for a link to a post or a monthly fee from your partner for hosting banner ads.

Bonus Tip: To maximize your income, you can sponsor space in your email newsletters.


Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is another useful addition to your blog besides monetizing Affiliate Links in your content. Here's how affiliate marketing works

An advertiser product he wants to sell. If the customer is coming from your site then they agree to pay you a commission from each sale.

This gives you a unique link that tracks your affiliate code when a buyer uses your link for sale.

You include your affiliate link on your site. You can do this directly within the content or through banner ads. If a reader clicks on your unique link and purchases the content you suggested, you earn a percentage of the item they purchased.

Use affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates Advertising Network to form partnerships with advertisers and businesses with affiliate programs.

Sell Digital Products

If you do not advertise other people's products on your site, consider selling digital products. This may include many items

E-books, Online courses / workshops use images, promote videos or music, Apps, plugins or themes, Just remember that if you have to choose one of these methods, you can make it more relevant and useful for your readers.

It is also possible to sell physical products on your blog and earn money that way. However, instead of thinking about making money from your blog, consider your blog as a content marketing tool that will drive visitors to your business website.

The possibilities are practically endless when it involves developing a business blog. You can sell hand-made products, books, manufactured products, and more. Or if you are already doing a business then you can start a blog to convert more loyal customers.

For example, suppose you only refurbish and resell smartphones used outside of your home. You can use a blog to attract visitors to your website, where you list your current phone to be worth buying. Your blog may include topics for renewal. So that people shop for your phone, but it can also help you build a brand and gain recognition.



Sell the membership exclusively to earn money. The corner of your website. For example, a career blog would allow users to realize access to their job boards may charge $ 10 per month.

The important thing here is that your exclusive membership may exceed the amount your visitors receive for free. Make sure you check the price and value of developing something.

There are currently over 600 million blogs on the Internet out of 1.7 billion websites. Current trends include 86% of content marketing people who use blog posts as part of their marketing strategy.


Latest Blogging Statistics and Trends in 2021

  • Normal blog post length is 1,050 words
  • Word count of top-ranked content at Google is between 1,140–1285 words, on average, only 18% of companies ’blog posts exceed 750 words).
  • It takes an average of 3 hours 16 minutes per post to write each professional blogging post.
  • The average time spent reading a writing is 37 seconds.
  • Marketers who prioritize business blogging efforts are 13 times more likely to detect positive ROI
  • Companies that publish 16+ blog posts per month receive about 3.5 times more organic traffic than those who publish monthly 0-4.
  • According to the analysis, publishing 16+ blog posts per month gets 4.5 times more leads than 0-4 monthly publish.
  • 36% of people prefer list-based headlines
  • Including a colon or hyphen in your title can improve 9%
  • The title "How-to" attracts nearly 17% of the logo's attention.
  • 47% of B2B buyers read at least 3-5 blog posts before talking to the seller
  • 55% of bloggers often report analysis and checking of social data
  • Today's top 3 blogging success metrics are page views, share / likes, and time spent on the page.
  • 97 percent of bloggers use social media to promote their blog posts.
  • 29% of leading marketing professionals reuse blog content for their business
  • Top Content Marketing Leaders (B2C and B2B) outsource 24% of their blog post writing as a part of their inbound marketing strategy
  • 81% of marketers decide to increase the use of original written content (or guest posts) for blog posts.
  • 52% of bloggers do not use the appropriate editor.
  • 79% of marketers say they decide to increase their blogging frequency, with 59% of B2B marketers considering blogs as the most important channel to increase their audience.
  • 16% of marketers curate content every day, with 4% curating at least once every week.
  • More than 50% of marketers curating content say its increased brand visibility, thought leadership, and organic traffic.
  • 41% of marketers who curate content say that it has increased their lead generation standard.
  • Editing your title or title in eight words can result in a 21% CTR increase.


How to establish a successful blog

Prove your credibility

Credibility is very important in the blogging world, if people believe in you then you can get many opportunities to earn money. 

For example, if you start a blog within the finance industry and people start reading your content, people benefit from the information available by you, then your blog can be very popular. People will believe in you and as a result Now you can be a recognized person in the finance industry.

Once you get this right, people can contact you to co-author a book on debt management, otherwise you may be charged for speaking at conferences or running an employee financial training day.

This is definitely not an instantaneous type of earning money, but it is working for many well-known bloggers, and it can work for you as well.


Create quality content

As a blogger, the main objective is to identify the correct information to your readers. If you keep this in mind, then you will join you and will love the information given by you.

After all, your readers are the ones who are clicking on your ads or buying your products. Always put your readers first.


Spend time with another platform to promote blog

To develop a successful blog, it takes a lot to build a relationship. This may include relationships with sponsors, affiliate partners, or just other bloggers who will direct traffic to your blog. Make sure to spend some time on forums and other blogs (or whatever works for you) to build these relationships and your blog.


Do not be afraid to experiment

Don't be afraid of your methods to do what's best for you and your readers, consider what people in your industry do, and start from there.

How to earn money from Amazon's services

Today almost everyone knows about online shopping which is growing rapidly, most of us are aware of Amazon and most people use Amazon's services for their daily needs. We buy goods from Amazon and it’s another type of services but did you know that you can earn money on Amazon too in 15 different ways.



If you are a student, housewife, or a top executive or business person and want to earn money online, Amazon can help you to make money, even Amazon itself encourages this type of services and gives you online platform to earn money.


1. Associates Program - Make Money with Amazon Associates

As you know Amazon is a leader in its online business model, programs like Amazon Associates are the most popular affiliate marketing programs. It is open to all those who have a social media page, blog or website etc.

It provides an interactive dashboard on their robust AI based tools where you can create excellent ads and affiliate links for your social media, blog or website.

Whenever someone clicks on your affiliate link for a purchase, you get a small commission, Amazon pays between 2 - 15 percent of the value of the goods (taxes and freight) for your efforts.

In fact, many bloggers on the web are making money through Amazon Associates. They write excellent content and honest reviews of products which not only attracts people to buy goods, but it helps in getting some good products.


2. Amazon Flex

Anyone with a valid driving license and vehicle can join Amazon Flex. You can use your vehicle to deliver packages to Amazon as a way to earn extra money. Amazon Flex is one of the few delivery jobs that offers you opportunities to earn more than the minimum wage.

Salaries under this program vary from $ 12 per hour to $ 30 per hour. Salaries vary according to the nature of delivery and goods.

To connect with Amazon Flex, you will have your account on Amazon Flex. For this, you will have to download the app of Amazon Flex and fill in the personal details for Amazon review. Once your online application is accepted, you will be able to use Amazon's You can earn money by joining the service.

As you know, Amazon delivery is of different types. So, you can offer your service on Amazon Prime, Amazon Fresh, Amazon Pantry, Amazon Local etc. You are paid twice every week - on Wednesdays and Saturdays.


3. Self-Publishing on Amazon

If you are a writer or poet or a professional who can teach some important skills, you can self-publish on Amazon through a self-publishing program.

In fact, Amazon gives you a maximum of 80 percent royalty on every print book or electronic book published using a self-published program. Apart from this, you can also buy and sell audio books through Amazon.


4. Sell on Amazon

From a multinational company (MNC) to small retailers, Amazon's startup can become a seller on Amazon as a brand owner.

If you have a startup or a home-based business and want to grow your customers, Amazon provides the right platform. In fact, Amazon says that it sells half the products that other companies have.

Large companies have specialized teams that have the ability to upload excellent images of their products and write compelling details. Small businesses may also engage in such promotional activities. Selling on Amazon is quite simple. You list goods, process orders and deliver through Amazon.

5. Sell of Business to Business

A very special platform that encourages the sale and purchase of business-to-business (B2B). This service is especially helpful if you have a business that serves other companies.

These can be items such as machinery, industrial applications, chemicals, and more. Amazon also offers an affordable B2B advertising facility to promote your products and services.

Sales on Amazon Business are helping many foreign companies to get products and, in this way, businesses are able to reach their products to more and more people.


6. Sell on Amazon Apps

Software developers can earn money on Amazon by developing applications for Amazon Fire Stick TVs and other Android-based devices sold by the company.

To do this, you will need an Amazon developer account, which is free to open. Amazon allows you to run tests for your app for free and later, Amazon App Store publishes the test.


7. Sell your services on Amazon


SalesMerch can be a service that helps you earn money on Amazon. It often happens that creative people can upload their artwork on Amazon for free.

Even craftsmen can sell their handmade goods such as embroidery items, paintings, sculptures and handicrafts from the Amazon handmade platform and earn money

SalesMerch is a special service for creative customers who are interested in this type of stuff.

Amazon helps you sell your professional services to big companies and small companies through their services on the Amazon section.

You can provide any service - from housekeeping to highly professional skills such as consulting.

Selling services on Amazon can be quite beneficial for professionals in various fields. However, sales will always be through Amazon or your company.


8. Advertise your products on Amazon

Amazon also provides digital marketing services by allowing you to advertise products on your website. This platform is very useful for those who want to launch their company's new product or sell through Amazon platform.

During the peak shopping season, Amazon helps bring orders from its shelf, packaging, labelling and dispatch as usual.


9. Make Money with mturk

Amazon has already announced its mTurk program through announcements on its website.

As an Amazon mTurk member, you have to do subtle tasks. These include finding and removing incorrect images of products, authenticating product details, removing duplicate listings, and more.


10. Amazon Influencer

Are you popular on social media like Facebook, then you can get an opportunity to earn money by becoming an Amazon influencer and attracting people to buy a variety of products. You can actually review merchandise and its advantages and disadvantages.

There are many companies that offer very high discounts for buying their products through Amazon. These customers have bought things after reading the best reviews.

You can help those who are looking for goods for online shopping. As an influencer, you have to promote the products for which the company joins you so that you can attract the people to purchase from Amazon.


14. Amazon Web Service Marketplace

Amazon Web Services or AWS can be a service that helps you sell data, software, and other IT-based applications to Amazon key companies and retail users.

AWS helps you upload software and applications to their cloud systems. Buyers must pay and download your data or software. You get an external share of around 80 percent of software sales.

As you will see, there are many alternative ways to earn money on Amazon. Obviously, some will require special skills while others are often done by almost anyone.

You can also easily earn money on Amazon based on your skill and choice.

In fact, a lot of people around the world are earning their livelihood and living an excellent lifestyle by making money on Amazon using one or more of these methods.

Earn online through paid survey site

More and more companies around the world use surveys to collect information and traditionally use it for influencing customers for their products.

Some survey sites are only available in the US or Canada, many of them having a regional focus, while some may exist in European countries, South Eastern countries, Western countries or even Asian countries.



It can be difficult for online earners to locate a legal survey site that actually pays

Keeping this in mind, we have validated the best international online paid survey sites that definitely pay you high and exist globally.



A reliable paid survey site that offers rewards for enjoying games, offers, searching online, shopping online, and watching videos.

We also hear positive reviews about them from our readers.

We've found that doing surveys and surveys every day provides the highest payoff for your time, but there are some ways to earn from Swagbucks on the site.

The survey takes about 10 minutes to finish, meaning you will earn £ ($ 6.50) per hour. Swagbucks is the most reliable. There are many ways you can earn rewards and cash at Swagbucks.

2.Toluna Survey


One of the most important survey panel with daily surveys paid in the form of cash or vouchers.

A trusted opinion website is performing on behalf of leading companies. They want to understand what you think about certain products, services and issues.

Each survey takes about an hour and a half to finish, so it will take about 4 hours to earn a £ 15 voucher (£ 3.75 per hour). Toluna has also recently started a game section where you will play and earn

The survey of Toluna is conducted by the Toluna Group - a UK digital marketing and research company. Upon registration and providing basic information, you will need a survey that matches your profile.

The survey lasts for 15–20 minutes and you earn gift cards, vouchers, test products, and indeed cash prizes.  

Your survey helps companies get new business ideas and future opportunities to expand.



OnePoll is one of the primary survey sites within the UK and has always received quick and fun surveys to answer. 


 A very popular site founded in 1999 supported by the company Lightspeed-A Global Leader in providing market research. Registering on the site is a simple process and you can become a member just by signing up. 

Two very fashionable survey sites, My Survey and Global Test Market, have merged to create Life Points. You can redeem your life points at a conversion rate of 1: 5. Up to 4000 life points, you can redeem up to $ 35 of gift cards from Amazon, Starbucks and so on.

For up to 4800 life points, you can earn up to $ 40 cash in your PayPal account. 

If you are a US resident, you can expect to pay 4-6 weeks for 3-5 weeks and can receive your payment in a period of international resident.



One of the most important (and best paid) survey-based marketing research companies to work with trusted brands and research companies worldwide. 


Also referred to as InboxDolls within the US, this established community rewards you for activities beyond paid surveys.

If you are looking for a touch variation, InboxPounds makes online earning a touch more interesting. 

You can choose whether a survey is required, earn cashback, play games, read emails or search online for cash. 

You can currently only get bonuses for signing up, so not much to lose. Just remember that it may take a few weeks to succeed with a minimum pay-out. 

Along with paid surveys, you can earn by watching TV, online shopping, reading emails and playing games. 

A single survey pays you 0.25 cents to $ 5. Calculate your earnings based on the amount of survey you are doing. 

You need to earn $ 30 to be eligible for cash out. You are also paid through gift cards, virtual prepaid cards, or you can also ask for a check sent to you. 

7.TRP survey 

This is an honest UK-only survey site as they offer quick daily surveys for tomorrow for 12.5p and regular bonus surveys about TV related topics. 

As a further bonus they often give panellists the opportunity to observe and give feedback on new programs that are being tested. 

8.Yougov Survey 

It is a touch different to others, focusing more on social issues and general interest topics. YouGov elections include topics such as politics, public affairs and commercial products. If you have a big opinion.

YouGov is one of the more interesting sites to investigate due to the types of surveys they conduct. Most are on current issues that are within the news and they encourage you to precise your thoughts. 

Surveys can take up to half an hour, but not always. We have received a fortnight or two, so it may take a few months to gain the edge. However, you only get £ 1 to join and if you get your friends to check as well, you will quickly get a lot more points and cash.


Panel base is not an average survey site. They do not fill you with surveys, but the ones they are sending are just right and relevant to you the survey spreads above the industry average giving you the chance to make some good money.

However, they are choosing their survey respondents very carefully so that you are sent slightly fewer opportunities than other sites. Just confirm that you fully complete your profile to give yourself the simplest chance. 


Completing the reward, you will return as soon as you reach approximately 50 points per minute and 4000 points (£ 4) while completing the survey. 

They reward users for referring friends and provide you with points rejected for a survey. 


Accredited opinions are a part of a larger marketing research group. They send online surveys to members whose profiles match broad demographics and needs. 

They simply require you to send relevant surveys in order to use your profile. 

Surveys are usually quite interesting and can take up to 10-30 minutes each, so within an hour you will give yourself a £ 10 voucher. 

12.Bodes surveying 

usually takes about 10 minutes and is very easy to finish. You have to be as honest as possible because they need a "strike system". 3 bad surveys and you're out (we want to see this as a challenge). 

They are a well-trusted site that is worth linking to top brands and via our links for a £ 3 cash bonus when signing up. Make sure you complete your profile as well. Also, their site can be a lot snazzier than tons of others.


This is an excellent survey site if you are looking for a fast and low payout because you just need 200 points to get £ 2 Amazon Boucher. 

You can usually earn around 20 points for a ten-minute survey, so confirm that you are looking for other opportunities to earn points, such as completing offers and watching videos. 

14.Serious academic 

They provide data for academics and researchers at many top universities and corporations. 

Prolific Academic can be a high-end survey site suggesting that you only need to provide good answers to maintain a high score. If you fall below a particular level you will be excluded from several tons of surveys. 

However, big rewards come with great effort. The survey requires around 45 minutes and can pay the maximum amount as £ 10. If you come to the sweet spot with this survey site, you will make some good money. 

And if you are trying to find the simplest paid survey websites within the UK, it is potentially one of the best ones, so we would definitely recommend giving it up. 


They are a large UK survey site providing statistics on the press and current affairs programs. 

Populous Live offers an honest pay-out, although it may take some time to succeed in an edge and surveys are quickly run out once respondents are required. 

It is necessary that you fill your profile completely to request the maximum number of surveys. You need to be very careful with your answers as they require quality checks in situ to ensure that you are not cheating or running away. 

16.Nuvista Survey 

A major market research company that has opted to conduct online surveys instead of traditional cold-calling. 

Make sure you answer the questions honestly because New Vista is known for chucking during some red herds to make sure you're really thinking rather than speeding. 


iSurveyWorld pays you to take advantage of the returns for every survey you conduct. You first need to sign up and become the neighborhood of their community. 

Surveys are product and services focused that reward you for your opinion. Although it caters to the countries around it, it sometimes favors audiences from Latin American countries. 

The more you take surveys, the more you earn. Once you reach the minimum cash out balance, you can receive the amount deposited in your PayPal account. 


Survey Downline is a well-liked site with some of the best referral programs where you get your opinion on the survey. 

The company has a different survey method and an appraisal method, with the idea that it pays its partners. 

How much you earn: You can earn up to $ 1- $ 3 for a survey. Focus group surveys pay you between $ 1- $ 20 where you earn an average of $ 100 per month. 

It has an exciting 2-level referral program, where you earn commissions on referring and earn 10% when your referee is involved in any survey. 

Therefore, you will multiply your chances on a higher income through your referral program. You can later earn your earnings through PayPal. 

19.Nielsen Research 

Nielsen can be a well-known company and a market leader in marketing research with its footprints present globally. This survey helps brands and corporations with insights on company consumer behavior. 

How much you earn: One of the most reputable companies in the world of online surveys, you can earn up to $ 15000 per month depending on the number of surveys you conduct. 


Sarvejanki has over 3 lakh members related to its platform. Registration is like almost all reverse survey sites. 

They send you surveys matching your profile. You can also flick through their various categories to get the survey you need. 

How much you earn: Cash out can be done from your PayPal account. 1000 points is equal to $ 10 and is to redeem the minimum limit. 

21.Opinion World 

More than 3000 companies were considered; Opinion World helps provide consumer insights to those companies. 

How much you earn: Each survey rewards you with 200–1000 points which can then be redeemed with gift cards, vouchers from your favourite brands. 

22.Harris Poll Online 

With a presence in over 5 decades, Harris Poll Online is one of the oldest and reputable sites for online surveys. You can find out the immediate results with a comparison of the survey. 

Harris Poll offers around 7 reward programs to maximize your earnings. 

They have special surveys for teenagers who are trying to find online learning opportunities during the holidays. 

How much you earn: Generally, for a survey length of 15-20min, you will earn 1250 worth of points.


PlanetPanel is owned by MSI-ACI Europe BV, which may be a Netherlands based firm.

Their surveys are current events, governments, product and service focused and match their target demographics to the survey audience. 

How much you earn: The survey is 10–20 minutes long and you can earn points. Jackpots lie in their monthly sweepstakes. 

For each survey you are getting them into an annual raffle of $ 12000. You can also earn $ 50 from their monthly raffle. 


ITinkInc, founded in 1996, has conducted several online surveys and interviews so far.

Once you register and create your profile with them, you will be invited to survey

How much you earn: To answer a single survey with 10 questions, you can expect anything between $ 2- $ 10 from his online survey site.

Be honest when filling out these online paid surveys, otherwise you may be penalized for giving inadequate feedback

Beware of scams and fake survey sites

Consumer opinion is the most important in today's world and many other online survey companies offer cash to share them.

Please read the terms and conditions carefully before signing in and dedicate enough time to these paid survey sites to ensure that the details related to them are correct and reliable.

Many market research companies from around the world recruit new members to fill the survey, but beware many are not legitimate and never pay.

We used, reviewed and ranked some of the best survey websites that can pay you for your work.

Today we analysed some ways to earn money online and found that you can earn money in many ways on the internet, however it will require a lot of effort.

You can follow the inner feel which you want as per your wish. You may need more skill that you can learn.

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