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Hello ​Friend,

My Name is Samar Pradhan the founder of ideasfromworld.

I am an Engineer by profession but Blogger by passion, established a digital online platform and my success is no where hidden from my social community.

I am passionate about sharing my all learnings and experiences to educate the community about learning passive income tips to my readers.

Let's first talk about who I am and why you should follow me and ideasfromworld.

Why You Should Listen to Me?

Well, I already explained a brief about me but I know it is not good enough to trust my skills.

Here is my journey with Blogging, Digital marketing and social community.

I am not limited to teaching people skills, but I do love to share the practical tips and best strategy through online platforms.

The ideasfromworld is an ambitious multimedia effort on how education career health and money will change life for a massive mainstream audience.

Welcome to ideasfromworld Where you discover updates about social and digital marketing, Online Passive income opportunities, health benefits, and product insight that affect your daily lifestyle.

Our effort to add a human element with a passion to help people with tips and tutorials. 

Here I am on the Social platform

I will unlock the success for you, by sharing the master strategy and updated news, But more of listening, learning, practicing, experiencing, and then sharing.

We hope our effort will make value in people's life by providing correct up to date information which leads to individual journeys.