Learn German language with fun and modern techniques

I remember a few years ago learning German in a group was too much fun at least that's how it should ideally be. Of course a lot of work and preparation is required for the German teachers. The groups are made up of different participants from different cultures. 


The teachers are challenged to combine qualified German lessons with a lot of fun. The aim of the German course should be to take away the students' fear of the "difficult" German grammar and to motivate the students to speak as much German as possible. 

Because most German learners have a block when it comes to speaking for the teacher this means making German attractive and thereby combining the different expectations of the language students a small group size is particularly important.

Practices make prefect on language

Every German student learns differently and everyone has different skills. Several factors play a role like Age, gender and origin mainly influence learning behavior. The ratio in the German course of grammar, listening comprehension, reading, writing and speaking is not rated equally by every language student. 

Some German learners want to speak more and some want to improve German grammar which can be achieved with some focus and concentration. Every student has different tastes and preferences. It is therefore advisable for German language schools to offer a wide range of additional German courses with different focuses. Learning special German with a focus on grammar, writing or conversation is particularly popular.

Technique and methods

The teachers prepare intensively for the German lessons with games and exercises. In the lower levels, simple grammar games such as verb bingo and vocabulary walks or the like are often done.

The middle levels, on the other hand, enjoy challenging games such as taboo and interactive German exercises. In the higher levels such as B2 and C1, in addition to fine-tuning the grammar, there are often political discussions and presentations. 

This is very popular, especially against the backdrop of German history. At private language schools, German learners are very motivated, have high expectations and thus many questions. That means intensive preparation and follow-up work for the teacher as well as extra exercises. 

In addition to German as a foreign language, it is very beneficial for teachers if they have expertise in other subject areas such as history. But the teachers' books and teaching materials are also of great help. It is often advisable to use several materials. The students are also enthusiastic about media such as televisions, PCs and projectors.

However, more and more language students are opting for one-to-one tuition. The demand for quality and good learning outcomes is increasing steadily.

German private lessons are on the rise. Because there you can individually address the problems and gaps in speaking or German grammar.

Private lessons are also particularly useful for learning specialist vocabulary or for practicing pronunciation. Some teachers rely on intensive phonetics lessons.

Online tools make language easier to learn

Ultimately, a German course is worthwhile for anyone interested in the language. New modern techniques convey the language playfully, interactively and professionally.

The boredom from the German courses from 20 years ago is over! Learning German while having fun is sure to be the present.

Learning German with the help of online  apps is probably the smartest thing you can do whether vocabulary or grammar - the difficult foreign language peculiarities have never been so easy to learn as they are today.

MyWords German

Learn 10 German vocabulary per day expand your vocabulary and practice your pronunciation every day. A good, visually appealing app that makes learning German fun!

You can record your own voice and compare it with that of a German native speaker. There is also a quiz that asks your vocabulary in a variety of ways.

WordPower German and WordPower German Lite

Master 2000 of the most widely used German words and phrases. A German native speaker pronounces all of the 2000 words for you in perfect German. Record your own pronunciation and compare!

The vocabulary is arranged according to 75 popular categories. Our conclusion: highly recommended!

Pocket German

A few minutes a day is enough and since you have your cell phone with you around the clock, you can always find a few minutes - whether you are waiting for the train or just going to the toilet ;)

With the app you train vocabulary, comprehension, pronunciation, speaking, grammar and sentence structure. It is therefore a complete package for learning German.

And yet another app for comfortable learning German - this time for the Ipad. A few minutes a day and you can make comfortable progress.

The learning program is divided into 25 gently building up lessons. The app relies on all the supporting properties of a good learning app: audio recordings (your own as well as those of a German native speaker), vocabulary, detailed descriptions and explanations of grammar and sentence structure and and and.

Learn German with busuu!

And with this app you can easily do a little bit for your German every day. Learn grammar, vocabulary and sentence structure .. Everything is very appealing and highly recommended!


Learning language enhance with continuous focused on practices as practices make perfect. using such online apps and learning tools make this little easier hence increase more practices and get perfection and command on this language.

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