3 Ways to increase your focus and concentration

How you increase your concentration what if I gave you three simple tips that will help you increase your concentration on studies for long hours. And what if I told you that this one single activity of being able to focus will single take you to the path of success.

How to increase your focus and concentration

How to increase your focus and concentration.  

Successful people, don't feel any of these problems. But the question is, how do we become like that. You are finding it difficult to concentrate on your studies or task to discover why you procrastinate.
Procrastinating means postponing the task again and again. Now, there could be different reasons why we procrastinate. Among them, the most common reasons are you have decided that it's been already too late to do anything or the subject seems to be boring to you, maybe you are waiting for the perfect time to start. You're confused about where to start. 
Use the Pomodoro Technique form from different researches that we can concentrate on our studies more effectively. When we study for a short period and then take a short break, which is also called spaced learning. 

This technique is useful because to learn something new, we need to create some new memories. And these new memories are formed by creating new connections between the neurons in our brain.
The first step is programming

Imagine you're driving in a car down this beautiful mountainous track. Now, what if you're sitting in the backseat of the car. Chances are, initially, you're going to be looking out to see what's the scenery or you're going to be looking in front to see the Can I keep track of the route. 
But after some time, I guarantee you, you're going to get bored, and you're going to either start looking at your home or you're going to fall off to sleep, or you're going to be asking the driver, how long is this going to take. 
Now just imagine that you are in the driver's seat. N ow, no matter how many distractions are there, how much you feel hunger or thirst, or your phone is ringing. You're gonna cut out everything and focus entirely on every oncoming vehicle and have been bent. 
Now the question is why is such a big difference?
Simply in our lives, if we are in the driver's seat or is someone else driving our vehicle. Are we taking charge or are we blaming someone else from our problems? 
Now our brain is a superpower control it before it rules your distraction and direction are inversely proportional when one goes up, The other one comes down. 
The second step is practice. 
Now no one ever taught you how to concentrate, your parents just tell you to concentrate grow, but no one tells us how to do it. 

Now, attention is a muscle, and just like every other muscle in the body, it requires training. Now Malcolm Gladwell said that to become an expert at something, you need to spend 10,000 hours learning it and guess what happens to us every day. 
We spend about 15 to 16 hours being distracted by talking to someone with checking the phone, reading a book, checking our laptop and guess what you're becoming an expert at distraction. 
So today I'm going to discuss something that you will follow initially just for 10 minutes in your day and eventually, you're going to become a master at your focus and concentration. 
Today, take out, 10 minutes where you can be alone and comfortable in a room and is a room that you enjoy studying.
Since this is your first training session, we're going to start with your favorite subject. 

So, take one textbook today, remember we're only talking about 10 minutes take one textbook.
Take a timer with you and when you think you're ready to begin switch on the timer. 
Now whatever distracting thoughts get into your head put all of that down on the sheet that's likely aside, come back and study write down the thought come back and stuff. 
And towards the end of 10 minutes just shut the books switch off the timer close everything and walk away from natural. like all exercise, the first day is usually a bit unusual, but it's possible that what you've accomplished in these 10 minutes is as deep as what you would have accomplished in a whole hour gradually try to increase the number of these slots that you take. 
  1. Every time a distracting thought enters your mind, write it down on that distraction sheet lying on the side.  
  2. Every time you think you're losing concentration switch it off, close your books, and move out Don't worry about the timer. 
  3. Never get your phone into this space as this is a sacred space, where you always focus. The moment you allow the distraction into space you pollute the space. 
But to keep your mind sharp and focus we also need to have a healthy body so again here are the three things which you need to pay attention to.
  1. Eat a diet of healthy food, drink a lot of water, cut down on sugar, because that makes us sleepy. 
  2. Sleep is brain food is not only brain food, it is a superfood for the brain so if you can get about seven to eight hours of sleep every night. You're gonna increase the ability of the brain to focus and concentrate. 
  3. You need to look at is exercise, a good exercise routine increases the blood circulation and carries oxygen to the brain to help us focus and concentrate.
There is one more little practice session that you need to do every single day It's called Mindfulness some people call it, meditation, but don't worry, don't be afraid of those big words. All it means is doing one single task at a time and focusing on it, like if you're talking to someone, only focus on the person, don't be checking your phone at the time. 
If you're drinking a glass of juice, think about juice don't be looking at television at the same time. The more you practice mindfulness and concentration every day. That attitude is going to carry with you to the high if situations have a heavy competitive exam, you're going to be able to focus beautifully in that three-hour competitive exam without a problem.
The Third Step is passion. 
So, before we open that textbook. How about we had an interesting higher-level perspective on the topic that makes us super interested in actually reading that textbook. So, a couple of things you can do, you can go for education video, listen to podcasts. but train your mind to first get interested in the topic and then open the textbook.  
The third idea that's going to keep our interest in that subject is to vary our study techniques. If you're reading from a book one time make notes another time go to a video a third time and try different things. 
Bill Gates says that the reason for success is because he focuses on fewer things, so the reason we're not able to focus on our goal is that we haven't written down our goal enough. 
So how about we take a piece of paper and write down our goal, very clearly in one month. 
At the last but not least start saying, No. Yes, it is. A a lot of people will tell you that you need to say yes to everything you need to be positive, but I'm saying to you stop saying yes for everything.
Instead, focus on fewer things when somebody comes up to you with an idea and chances are it's like, Hey, this is so exciting. How would I go ahead and do it, tell the person let me think about it?  
Even sometimes you find it difficult to concentrate on your studies but these basic steps can be used to keep more focus and concentrate on your task. I hope this article will help to achieve your goal.
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