5 Features Of Twitter That Will Impress The student and Educators

This social media tool is particularly effective when it comes to teaching and learning. It provides a more flexible, faster and hassle-free platform to share and exchange information which enables users to read and post short messages called tweets.

5-Features-Of-Twitter-That-Will-Impress-The student-and-Educators

What is Twitter 

Twitter is one of the most popular websites which launched in July 2006 now has more than 353 millions monthly active users and still consistently increases. It is also among the most influential social media, social networking and microblogging website that have changed the way people communicate. 

Earlier Twitter messages are limited to 140 characters but later it was updated to 280 characters  and users are also able to upload photos or short videos.

Twitter market cap was around $936 billion By October 2020, it was developed as a project of podcasting platform Odeo by some former Google employees. As per SimilarWeb, Twitter ranked 4th globally for web traffic in October 2020.

Although Twitter contributes lots and shows their significance in each field either Political, social or education you can find the twitter presence everywhere.

Twitter allows you to easily raise concern through tweets and retweets keep up-to-date with the latest news and developments.

How can Twitter be used in the classroom

Here I will shed light on the ways Twitter can improve methods in education settings and how it can help both the teachers and students to exchange information.

In an era when technology has become interwoven with teaching, social media has emerged as a communication medium for teaching and learning. online courses classrooms and instructors are integrating with media tools weblinks, audio and video materials, and virtual groups. Researchers understand how those social media tools can impact the learning process. 

How is Twitter useful

Twitter is a social media tool that allows users to send and receive messages, as Twitter grows in popularity, more instructors are beginning to experiment with Twitter as a teaching tool, and educators in many fields use social media in and outside of the classroom.

As instructor Twitter use becomes more prevalent, it is timely to question the effects of

using Twitter as a mode of public communication with students. Effective communication between instructor and student is vital to the student’s learning experience.

Outside of the classroom setting, communication can take on many forms. Informal communication with instructors can positively influence student perceptions of trust.

Potential Impacts of twitter for educational activities

Extending the classroom:- Students experienced that an instructor could use Twitter to

extend the physical classroom. It allows an interactive tool that almost all college kids use daily so you can continue to teach even when you are not in class. 

Others said Twitter could allow the instructor to post class-related announcements, reminders, or responses to student questions. 

Improving student-instructor relationships

Twitter could help break down the instructor-student boundary that exists in the classroom, which might lead to more motivated students. 

When an instructor has a Twitter account that is used to interact with students, it shows that the instructor is willing to talk outside of class and office hours. Using Twitter also makes the instructor seem more relatable, personable, and approachable.

Faster Communication

Twitter is a faster and more reliable way to share information where students can post any news regarding their education. It takes only a click of mouse to communicate any information through Twitter whether it is about a change in syllabus or an upcoming event on campus.

All of this information can be shared within seconds. Similarly, teachers and students can exchange opinions on different topics, such as current affairs. Using this platform for information exchange saves both their time and energy.

Get Organized

Twitter is a next-generation tool that can play a role for students to develop skills with using new social media. It allows them to interact with the teachers or fellow students through blogging or other social media websites. 

For example, if a student owns a blog then using social media buttons, such as Twitter, will allow him to read real-time comments and posts from the visitors.

For example, if you are a busy teacher or a part-time working student, using Twitter can help you interact with your associates using blogs, websites and other social media platforms. So if you are busy with other students, you can post a lesson, assignment or even an announcement using your blog. 

And if you are a studious student, you can use this tool to chat with your classmates or teachers, reducing your work-related stress and anxiety to a minimum.

Information Exchange

Considering the current flow of knowledge and skills through video-sharing websites, Twitter can play an important role to impart knowledge. 

By affiliating with any video-sharing websites, you can easily share videos, showing ‘how-to’ tips for performing a task, such as playing guitar or how to use an eBook reader. Now teachers and students can exchange valuable knowledge and skills using the power of Twitter. So now you can expect a more efficient and faster way to teach or learn.

Social Media Marketing

With Twitter and other popular social media networking websites, businesses have found a new and productive way to attract potential customers. This has caused a drastic increase in the demand of social media marketing and if you are someone who is hunting for a career in  marketing then Twitter is the tool of your targeted industry. 

Using twitter provides you with a practical knowledge of how to use social media marketing to attract customers. So if you have an interest in doing MBA in marketing, then using Twitter can

give you a foundation to build your skills with social media marketing.

Having an experience in social media marketing will definitely help you with getting

a good first job after your graduation, increasing your chances of having a well-paid

marketing job.

What are the disadvantages of using twitter

Having such an online platform still some common concern still comes in mind that improper use of technology can cause some adverse effects.

Here we need to highlight some points while introducing twitter to take maximum advantage from this social microblogging website.

Student/teacher relationships should not go much further than the classroom as there is some limitation mutual respect and coordination should be maintained.

Violating classroom ethics, decorum and wasting of time beyond expectations can affect focus on study and teaching practices.

Unwanted use of twitter can raise issues of the credibility of instructor professionalism and student professionalism. 

Negative or biased tweets that could harm an instructor’s credibility or get them fired from their job on the other hand can impact student study.

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