Do you know what is FASTag and how it work

FASTag based toll collection was introduced recently however the system has been waiting for a long time and was later implemented. If you are a vehicle owner or planning to purchase a vehicle then you must know about FASTag.


In case you are shifting to a different city or changing your current address, FASTag will work on all the enabled toll plazas across the country which helps commute easily through toll plaza of National highways and for a few State Highways where it has been implemented.

What is FASTag and how does it work

FASTag is Radio frequency identification (RFID) based an electronic toll collection system, operated by the National Highway Authority of India (NAHI) for making toll payments directly from the prepaid or savings account linked to it or directly from the toll owner.
This RFID based FASTag system works when a FASTag enabled vehicle goes through a scanner placed on toll plaza automatic payment deducted from the user FASTag account.
National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) system enables the customer to make the electronic payment at NETC enabled toll plaza on the highway without stopping at the toll using RFID technology.
NETC does not issue FASTag but has developed the NETC System with national payment corporation of india (NPCI) which provides facilities to make the toll payment electronically.
All National Highway toll plaza will be declared as a dedicated FASTag however one Hybrid lane will be available for Non -FASTag users.
Once a vehicle enters the dedicated FASTag lane amount deducted as per system however the ideal distance distance between two vehicles up to four meters recommended to cross the boom barrier installed on the toll plaza. However, vehicles without charge double the amount of toll if they pass through FASTag lanes.

Type of FASTag category

There are two types of FASTag category introduced based on the vehicle.
M-Type FASTag introduced for the vehicle which is for private use or non-commercial vehicle such as FASTag with highlight by violet color code system.
N-Type FASTag introduction for basically commercial vehicles which has six color code indication systems based on commercial vehicle category.

  • Small commercial vehicle indicated with orange colour code
  • 2-Axle (four wheels) based commercial vehicle indicated with Green colour code
  • 3-Axle (Six wheels) based commercial vehicle indicated with Yellow colour code
  • 4-Axle (Eight wheels) based commercial vehicle indicated with Pink colour code
  • 5-Axle (Ten wheels) based commercial vehicle indicated with Skyblue colour code
  • Heavy mechanical commercial vehicle indicated with Black colour code

How to get FASTag for vehicle

FASTag service available on all toll plaza by visiting any Point of Sale (PoS) locations of NETC Member Banks outlets and distribution agents/ their Sales offices.
Online option is also available through a dedicated platform on respective issuer bank's website or at which redirects to member banks and service providers.


Documents required for FASTag

If you are looking for FASTag then need to follow some specific guidelines set by concerned authority, Vehicle owners need to submit their KYC document as per vehicle category along with the application form for FASTag.
A valid driving license along with the vehicle registration number need to submit.
Each FASTag is unique identity as per vehicle registration number. It means one FASTag cannot be allowed for multiple vehicles.
Customers can recharge the FASTag account in the denomination of 100 rupees up to 1 lakh and the maximum amount of recharge is decided based on the type of vehicle & account link to FASTag.
The maximum amount of recharge is defined on all bank’s websites along with the payment option as of now NEFT, UPI, Bank transfer and other modes of payment.

What is advantage of FASTag


  • FASTag help to save time no need to wait in lane to cross toll plaza as FASTag lane provides easy access to cross toll without spending time.
  • Save fuel and money if you use FASTag to get concessions on your travel through toll plaza.
  • Online tracking record available through SMS facility can check current transaction and payment record.
  • Dependency on man power reduces on toll plaza hence efficiency of operation increases which is more cost effective. 
  • Proper collection of toll tax through FASTag increase which avoids any free movement or corruption.

What is disadvantage of FASTag


  • Sometimes electronic devices fail due to technical failure like the scanner not working which cause problems for users.
  • FASTag damage due to overheating of a vehicle or any other technical issue.
  • Double charges apply if entered in FASTag lanes without FASTag.
  • People leaving near the toll plaza can face problems due to movement nearby hence a pass required within 10 km of the toll area.
  • Privacy of users can be compromised or cloning of cards can be possible as all information related to user and vehicle available with FASTag.



Fastag system make user more comfortable for travels across different toll plaza it will save time and money, however need more awareness among users to use service. although more security and technology up gradation required to make more reliable and easier to use.

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