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Next Generation Snapdragon 888 5G processer

Snapdragon 888 bring gaming, photography and the many more which have 6th gen Qualcomm Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine and premium experiences.

There are the new architecture improvements in camera and some massive new gaming upgrades. let's take a look at the Snapdragon 888 and everything new.

Sanpdragon 888 5G

The new Snapdragon 888 is a 5nm chipset and comes with new architecture based on Arm Cortex-X1 technology, now that's the same as the Snapdragon 865 clock speeds but these new goals are built on the Cortex-X1 architecture. this new processor is 25% better for performance and 25% more power efficient as compared to the Snapdragon 865. However, a pretty impressive performance upgrade right. This is also the new architecture with 6th generation Qualcomm AI Engine with Hexagon 780 Processor.

That's important because the Cortex-X1 is designed purely for performance and not to strike the balance between performance and power.

It all about are the new camera and gaming improvements that the Snapdragon 888 is promising. these are some impressive upgrades.

Let's take a look. First off, there is the new spectra 580 imaging, and this is the first time Qualcomm has a triple ISP. That means Snapdragon 888 based smartphones can shoot 4k HDR videos from three cameras at the same time.

It will also let you fall smoothly switch between lenses when you zoom in and out by shooting video. This means you can capture photos from three different sensors at the same time.

The new ISP also supports 10 bit color depth for photos which means your pictures can have a billion colors in them for even higher quality pictures and Qualcomm has a new low light architecture as well, that can apparently capture photos in as low as 0.1 Lux lighting.

Snapdragon 888 can take both photos in 120 FPS which means you will definitely get really sharp images, the new ISP can support up to 200-megapixel photos, slow more time 60 FPS Dolby Vision video recording multi frame noise reduction and a lot, lot more.

lot of this depends on what features, we can use in the phones, but we do know that Samsung and Xiaomi focus a lot on camera features in the flagships, so we hope to get these features in action on the Mi 11, and the Galaxy S 21 in 2021,

For gamers to the Snapdragon 888 seems to be bringing some mighty impressive features by features like HDR gaming 144 FPS support and updatable GPU drivers have been around for a while,

Snapdragon 888 will support variable rate shading as well. this feature that so far only available on PC games and conference, but with the Snapdragon 888, it will make its way to smartphone games as well. And Qualcomm claims this will improve rendering speeds by up to 30%.

So, games should be able to run at even higher frame rates for longer which is a win win for us right. There is also the new Qualcomm quick chat feature which will prove really helpful in competitive FPS games with put that, you will experience 20% faster touch response on spot for games. If you play Pubg or Call of Duty, you know these things can make a lot of difference in those tense moments.

It ensures that there is no audio feedback when you're playing multiplayer games in close proximity with the mic on this is something people who played the multiplayer games like Call of Duty mobile will really appreciate.

All of this is powered by the new Adreno 660 GPU which offers 35% faster rendering speeds and 20% higher power efficiency as compared to the Adreno 650 that was present in the Snapdragon 865. So where can you experience these.

By the camera and gaming improvements in some other areas as well over the new hexagon 780 ai engine brings AI to gaming cameras voice assistance and more AI in cameras you get some exciting features including better autofocus auto white balance and auto exposure.

There is also improvements in terms of security, the Snapdragon 888 comes with a new hypervisor that brings isolated operating systems for each app. So you can have work profiles, personal profiles and even other less you can switch between them instantly and they will all be separate from each other which is great for security and privacy.

5G support here is where Snapdragon 888 is using a new Qualcomm x 60 modem with support for 5G millimeter wave and sub six gigahertz network and download speeds up to 7.5 Gbps, along with that the processor also comes with the fast connect 16 900 platform with new 5.2, and Wi Fi 6.

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