Top 21 Online Jobs from Home Without Investment (Earn $600- $800 Per Month)

Top 21 Online Jobs from Home Without Investment (Earn $600- $800 Per Month)

Whether you are a student or a housewife but are trying to find some additional source of income, online work is for everyone regardless of their social background, educational qualifications, age and gender.


They give millions of people a chance to work from home, even during this point of the epidemic. Earning $800 per month from home is not a dream but a replacement reality in these post 19 worlds. 

I will show you the possibility of 21 different online jobs, not 1 or 2. 

  • I only provide you with the best, real and tested online work. 
  • All these online jobs are free and without investment. 
  • No qualification, experience or technical knowledge is required for any online job.

Please take your 10 minutes to get to know each and every online work given below so that it will be easy for you to withdraw and make money. 

1. Blogging and Affiliate 

Many people have heard of blogging income, but many do not have the skills to earn. Blogging is one of the mediums to share your favorite thoughts / ideas / knowledge. If you open a blog and apprise a good number of tourists, then you will observe the money by blogging.

Here, some visitors will read your blog, i.e. the readers of your blog. When your blog readership is sweet enough, you will apply for Google AdSense. If you get an account, you will be ready to display your ads on your blog, and you will get paid when a reader of your blog clicks on this ad. This is often the AdSense or advertising revenue system.

There are 3 steps to start it- 

  • Create a blog (it's simple)
  • Publish quality content once a week
  • Promote your blog

Even a tenth failure can create a blog using the above step by step guide. There are number of ways to make money from your blog.


Affiliate Marketing

Many times, you will find that your doctor asks you to try the test, then you will test it from somewhere. But why say so? Because the doctor will get some commission for the cash spent for his test, this is often affiliate marketing.

If you sell any product online in an equivalent method, you will get some money commission from that product. But during this case, you have become a talented marketer.

More information about affiliate marketing is available within the app. There are many ways to earn revenue from video monetization on YouTube, income from email marketing, affiliate marketing tutorials, software and app development, graphics design, 3D models, and more. 

My favorite method is Google AdSense because you get paid whenever a visitor to your blog clicks on any AdWords ad.

Promoting affiliate products from your blog is different to making some great income, some times better than Google AdSense.

2. Easy Online Jobs

There are some websites where you will make money by completing tasks such as watching simple offers and videos, writing short articles, reviewing product work on taking short surveys, or commenting on videos, social profiles or products, and writing short articles.

Such online jobs take 10-20 minutes per day. You will earn $ 0.5 to $ 5 for completing each task. 

You need to hinder some good and legitimate websites.

3. Online Survey Jobs

Online surveys are another best thanks to making money on the internet. In online surveys, various companies invite your opinion for their product or services, so that they can increase their sales.

Here you will check with various companies that provide this online job. Once you get connected with online survey companies, they are about to send you the survey in their email.

Online surveys are different. Here you fill the survey form and give simple answers in the form of difficult questions on a specific topic. You have to use your mind to answer these questions. It is not just for entering values ​​in fields. 

A survey may contain 5 to 50 questions depending on the subject. Larger surveys take longer to finish but you earn extra money. The survey is conducted by companies like Pew, Nielsen, Ipsos etc.

If you search online, you will find many online survey sites but only a few are genuine survey sites. 

You can see the complete list and choose which online job is suitable for you.

4. Google Online Jobs

Google is one of the most trusted and respected company on the Internet. I too have been making money from Google for the last 5 years and I made my fortune with Google. 

I will show you 3 online jobs from Google where you will earn excellent income. The first ad is called for Google ads, the second is for YouTube and therefore the last one is said to be with smartphones. 

No investment can be made anywhere and anyone can start performing in these programs. Google pays you on a monthly basis for your checking account. 

5. Amazon Online Jobs

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is also known as mTurk, one of its kind of data entry platform, which allows data entry workers to work online.

mTurk provides you with work on behalf of other companies and third-party customers. 

A task in MTurk is additionally called HITS or Human Intelligence Task, which you have to finish and submit them.

Basically, there are 3 types of hits 

  • Micro data entry (coming later)
  • Survey (coming later)
  • Transcription jobs

You are only paid 5 to 10 cents for each HIT, although you earn more for the survey. So, to make more money you have to smartly choose high paying HIT.

However, you must first qualify so as to understand with mTurk. You have to pass a test before you can get customers to do some work. There are high chances that you can simply decline.

Along with shopping, Amazon is one of the most respected shopping portals, you can also make a good income with Amazon. 

Most web jobs are very simple and anyone with basic knowledge of Internet and English can do so. You can also make thousands of dollars monthly with many options. 

You can see the complete list and choose which online job is suitable for you.

6. Freelancing Jobs

Freelancing is an independent profession. There are different types of jobs. There are many tasks to do, from simple tasks like data entry to big tasks like app development. And the most exciting thing is that you do not need to spend any money to work here.

Freelancing means offering your services to your customers. Most of your customers are temporary. You can leave them if you want.

You can work on your own terms and still make many money. 

In true sense, freelancing job is one of the best jobs to make a big income from home jobs. Everything you want during this business is some skill it is often anything. 

If you demand the most for something, you will earn extra money.

Skills such as writing, online promotion, web design, coding, singing, mentoring, video making, photography, image editing and many more. 

There are various freelance websites where you will signup and many freelance can work online.

7. Data Entry Jobs

Different types of data entry jobs are available in India and globally. You can find some good companies that will pay money to work for you as a data entry operator.

Generally, people can earn $200 to $400 rupees per month through data entry job. For this you need to have good typing skills.


Data Entry Keyers

Data entry key responsibilities include extracting accurate information from all types of documents (such as academia, business, legal, medical, etc.) and typing data into the database as an Excel spreadsheet or company template.

This data is then passed on to customers.

Data keyers are also a part of internal controls where they identify and fix errors within the data. Data keys should have a typing speed of 50 words per minute with a 0% error ratio. Knowledge MS Excel is also required. 

Meaning data keys at entry level can easily earn anything between $ 10 and $ 15. But experienced operators can earn even more.

Data Entry Clerks

Data entry clerks follow specific procedures for completing various repetitive clerical jobs such as filing documents in an alphabetical file, posting on individual accounts, calculating and posting to departmental accounts, coding, and more.

You must have a high school and 2 years of work experience. You should also be able to specifically type in the office software of MS Office. 

Data entry clerks can also earn up to $ 15-20 per hour.

Although data entry clerk jobs are almost like data entry keys, there are differences. The job of a data entry clerk involves standing or standing for up to twenty pounds, often physical activities. 

Both these jobs are offline but after COVID - 19 companies allow you to do data from home online.

You can easily find these types of jobs in Fiverr. I wrote a post here about Fiverr's best ideas where you will check how much money people make by selling data entry jobs services.

Converting Image to Text

This was my first online data entry job. You will type image files that can be screenshots of a 
paragraph that includes medical terminology. 

You have to read through the images and write it in MS Word. A paragraph can be 100 - 150 words long. You will have to convert such photos to text format.

Accuracy is extremely important here as the words are mainly medical terminology and not regular English. Data entry companies usually demand 99.99% accuracy. So, you have to be very careful. 

You get $ 3 - $ 4 for converting an image file to a text format. If you change 25 - 30 such files during a day, you will easily get $ 80 - $ 100 each day. 

This is the most common data entry task you will encounter from the web.

Converting Audio to Text

Here you convert audio files to text format. You list the audio files and reproduce them in a Word document.

You will need very good listening skills because very often the sound is not clear and should include many technical terms. Typing speed is also very important if you want to file excellent numbers daily.

You can call it a transcribing job but it is different from a medical transcriptionist because the video does not include medical jargon. 

You can earn more than $ 5 per file. 

8. Medical Transcriptionist & Medical Coder

Transcriptionist jobs require training and some prior experience. However, transcription specialists earn 4 to 5 times more than regular data entry workers.

Medical Transcriptionist

There is a huge demand for medical transcriptionists in the United States and India, with private and public sector companies always looking for an experienced medical transcriptionist.

A medical transcriptionist listens to various audio files and converts it into a word file. 

These audio files are basically medical files, voicemail messages, phone call recordings, conference calls and other recordings.

The challenge here is that of a copywriter who has to listen to doctors in thick accents and dirty words. Sometimes the voice in the video is not clear. 

You need great listening skills and complete familiarity with all medical jargons. Otherwise you will not be able to understand some words. 

To become a transcriptionist, you will need training and a minimum of 2 years of experience. Companies are willing to pay medical transcriptionists $ 20 - $ 25 per hour.


Medical Coder

A medical coder must read a patient's health report, analyze his or her medical history such as finding out the disease, giving treatment, and then finding out the patient's medical history based on charts and reports.

Medical coders transfer codes in a "shorthand" writing style that is then used by doctors, medical professionals, and health insurance companies to find out the patient's medical history.

This job is not for everyone because you want a certificate or degree in medical coding. Prior work experience and training is also required. 

The salary is the same as for a medical transcriptionist. 

These two jobs are often called data entry tasks, but they are not for everyone.

9. Captcha Solving

You already know what captchas are, pictures that contain text, numbers, and alphanumeric characters that you want to fill in the fields below to prevent spamming.

You get paid just 1 to 2 cents to solve a captcha file. You have to open thousands of captchas daily to earn an honest amount. 

If you solve a captcha in 3 seconds and work 7 hours, you will easily earn $ 150 per day which is $ 15 per hour. However, you will need patience and knowledge to earn so much money. 

Captcha job is a bit advanced compared to solving captcha. Here you have to create headings and captions

10. Copy & Paste Job

As the name says you copy the content from a file and after doing some formatting paste it separately.

You will convert a PDF file into a Word document or vice versa. Excel to Word, Word to Excel. Content is often text, numbers, letters and every other form of knowledge. 

Usually you have to copy-paste a lot of 10,000 words per file. In some copy-paste jobs, you have to copy and paste names, addresses, phone numbers, emails into database suites like MS Access, Oracle, etc.

In some cases, you have to sort the data during a given table and paste it into a separate Excel spreadsheet.

Each company gives you specific instructions before working.

11. Data Formatting Job

Formatting jobs including less typing and more formatting. In typical formatting work you will be asked to format the content during a Word document. You will need to organize the text into paragraphs, align them, create bulleted lists, indentations, fonts and so on.

Another example is formatting an extended form that includes different fields such as name, email ID, telephone number, etc. You will be asked to get rid of the gaps and align them properly.

Data entry workers need to format multiple files daily to earn $ 10 - $ 12 per hour.

12. Online Form Filling

You are given a set of huge data and a web form separately. This data can be a file including various fields like customer name, phone number, email address, home address, checking account details, social security number etc.

You have to enter the value from the database in each field of the web form. You have to try carefully without making any mistake. This is called filling an online form. 

For filling each form, you make money. Earning $ 50 - $ 75 every day with a form filling job is not as difficult.

13. Catalog Data Entry Operator

A catalog data entry worker has got to fill various fields of a table with information like product name, code number, price, expiration date, etc. Operators must also have the skills to sort and pull specific data from the database.

Database software can be an in-house software or other popular software suite such as MS Access, Oracle, MySQL etc. 

Catalog data entry operators are required by logistics and warehousing companies. The average salary is $ 30,000 - $ 40,000 per year.

14. Payroll Data Entry Operator

Similarly, a payroll data entry operator has to fill fields in the database with variables such as employee's name, age, DOJ, payments, allowances, phone numbers, etc.

Operators in both jobs need training so as to familiarize themselves with all the features of the software suite.

15. Web Content Writing

You write simple articles for websites and blogs. Articles are very subjective, very general and do not require any research. It is very easy to write them.

For an experienced writer, writing online is like typing grammatically correct sentences. Web page authors earn $ 30 - $ 40 per 1000 words. 

16. Proofreading & Editing

You don't even have to write, just proofread the article, fix grammatical and spelling mistakes and remove typos. You earn the same as content writers.

In both jobs, all you need is a fair knowledge of English. Bus. Both these jobs are like typing jobs.

17. Ad Posting

You must post advertisements on various classified sites, blogs and forums. The company will provide you with advertisements and various websites where you have to post them. For each ad posting you are earning a few cents.

Therefore, to earn an honest income, you must receive thousands of advertisements monthly.

18. Customized Data Entry Jobs

Customized data entry jobs have specific requirements desired by the corporate.

Creating customized reports - As a knowledge entry operator, you have to create reports on various projects delivered by the client. Specific instructions will be given by the company such as making Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, charts, graphs etc. 

This data entry work pays you over $ 15 per hour.

19. Email Processing

Email processing jobs or email reading are also a good type of online data entry work, where many website links are given to you in your email. You have to click on these links and appear on each site, occupy the space for 30-40 seconds and receive payment.

In some cases, you will be asked to sign up and become a member for free. 

This was a list of 20 online data entry jobs from various categories. You need to choose one of the data entry jobs based on your skill level and educational qualification. 

After choosing the knowledge entry job, keep up with work and work for at least 2 years and get some experience. Initially you will earn $ 12 per hour but later you will earn $ 20 - $ 25.

Online Writing Job

If you are fond of writing, then this online job is best for you. Online writing jobs are becoming popular as each website on the Internet demands regular content to update its website.

You can get paid $ 5 to $ 20 per article on content length. 

There are many websites where you will find writing jobs online and some of them are Fiverr, Elance, etc.

Even if you have no idea of ​​writing, but want to earn money through this online job, you will start learning and practicing blogs like copy blogger to become a good writer. Once you are good at writing, you will connect, get writing assignments and start earning money.

Online Micro Jobs

Micro jobs simply mean small jobs (or tasks) that take a few seconds or setbacks to finish. There are dozens of sites like Amazon Turk, Micro Workers which provide online micro jobs.

You can earn from 5 cents to $ 1 for completing each task (depending on the time period of the tasks). 

There are many small tasks such as sharing a page, giving a review or rating for a product or page, writing a short article, searching for something from Google, creating a testimonial or many other simple and easy tasks.

If you work 1-2 hours each day then you live in USA, UK, Canada etc. and from India or other country if you earn Rs 6,000 to 15,000 rupees then you will earn $ 500 to $ 1000. Signup here for micro jobs and all other jobs. absolutely free.

20. Online Tutor Jobs

If you wish to teach and find something that will be done from home, then online tutor jobs are best for you.

Online tutor jobs are growing in demand and India, US, UK and teach online great teaching students in every one on the planet.

There are many websites where you will join as a teacher and earn $ 20 or more per hour. 

You can read this detailed guide online tuition job. I have listed 20 websites where you will join as a web tutor. 

21. Facebook Online Jobs

Billions of people use Facebook to share pictures and chat with friends but there are many who are making money from Facebook.

There are some ways that you can simply use on Facebook and earn a good income. 

You can earn money through your profile or by creating pages. You can also pay for the choice. Other options where Facebook Business, FB Marketplace, FB Group etc. can be used.

So, you will see, there are many ways to earn money from an online job. You will need to do a thorough review to try them out and you will find that there is one or more area of ​​interest that matches your interest where you can provide your service.


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