Emphasis on indigenous in defense sector

Emphasis on indigenous in defense sector

Emphasis on indigenous in defense sector, 6 airports to be auctioned on PPP model

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman made the fourth phase announcements related to the economic package of Rs 20 lakh crore through a press conference on Saturday. Sitharaman is announcing the measures being taken for the people, sectors and industries affected by the lockdown in front of the media every day at 4 pm from Wednesday. The Finance Minister has announced several relief measures for farmers, livestock farmers, MSME sector, migrant laborers, street vendors and other sections in the three instalments so far.

Airspace civil aviation

The Finance Minister said that the mineral will increase private investment in mining. Exploration will bring mining production system to mineral. The new system will provide 500 mining blocks. He said that in this also the expenditure of 50000 crores will be on infrastructure. He said that there will be a joint auction of bauxite and coal. This will increase mining and generate employment. About 50 new blocks will be made available for auction for mining.

Establishment of reactor in nuclear power reform

The Finance Minister said that the research reactor will be set up in the PPP model to improve nuclear power. This will strengthen the service of humanity. He said that India has sent medicines to many countries of the world during Karona virus and also for cancer earlier. We have to move in this direction. Sitharaman said that an integrated food preservation center would be established in the PPP model. This will help increase the self-life of food items like onions through radiation technology and will bring more profits to the farmers.

Mention of ISRO

ISRO has brought much acclaim to India in the space sector. The government wants to increase private sector participation in this sector. For this, the government will provide level playing fields to private companies for satellites, launch and space-based services. The private sector will be allowed to use ISRO facilities and assets to improve capacity.

Need to strengthen social infrastructure

The Finance Minister said that social infrastructure needs to be strengthened. For this, some changes have been made to force private investment in it. For this, 30 percent will be funded by the central and 30 percent state governments. 8100 crores will be spent for this.

Discoms will be privatized in Union Territories

Power distribution companies will be privatized in the union territories. A tariff policy will be brought for this. In this, care will be taken to ensure that consumers get their rights. Discoms companies will have to provide sufficient electricity to consumers. This will increase competition among power generating companies. This will provide timely payment to the power generating companies. Subsidy will be given through direct benefit transfer. Prepaid smart meters will be installed.

Early approval for investment through EGS

The Finance Minister said that he will soon approve investment through EGS. He said that industrial infrastructure has to be developed. Sitharaman said that information on industrial parks spread over 5 lakh hectares will be found on IIS. There will be GPS mapping of this land. This will simplify the availability of land. A project investment cell will be formed in each ministry. To achieve the goal of self-reliant India, policy reforms have been undertaken to increase the speed of investment.

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