Important facts and ideas behind the full form of OK

Most people believe that OK is a short form of the word Okey, which means also 'okay' but in reality it is not a true. 

full form of OK

Through this article we will discuss, what is the full form of OK, we will tell you which of the word Ok can be originated, which more full form of the word Ok.

What is the full form of OK

The full form of OK is "All Correct", OK is a term that is very commonly used in common colloquialisms. The word Ok is the most spoken word in the world, this is also mentioned by BBC and many other websites.

According to some websites, the word Ok is that the most vocal after Hello. The word ok is an English word but it's utilized in different languages in English speaking countries also as in other countries.

Apart from the common colloquial usage of this word in books, works, newspapers, books etc. it seems that it's not a standard word but a recognized word which doesn't have any concrete meaning. The word Ok is employed in several ways instead of for a specific verb.

Usually, most people use it to approve, the history of the word Ok is very old. Even today, this thing has taken the form of a debate among many people and many people are still trying to know what is the real secret behind the word Ok.

Does OK really have a full form?

Yes, Ok is a full form of the word Ok and not one, but many full forms of the word Ok are considered. The reason for this is often that the word Ok is employed in several ways in order that no particular meaning of the word Ok comes out.

For this reason, many full sorts of the word Ok are told by experts. At the moment, we tell you what full form of the word Ok comes from the history, after this, we will make you aware of the other full forms of Ok.

OK is named " alright " most of the people and in schools are told that the word OK may be a short sort of Okey. But watching the history there, Ok word isn't the short sort of a word, but the complete sort of the word Ok comes out.

Basically, different forms of the word Ok have been told by different experts, but looking at the history behind it, the full form of the word Ok is ' All Correct '.

Now you might be thinking that the short form of All Correct should be AC, but why is OK.

So, let us tell you, on one hand it is believed that it was originated by mistake, on the other hand it is believed that it was not born by mistake but as a satire or a joke and these words are spreading slowly throughout the world and become operational.

Although it is not a matter of two opinions that English language is the most used language in the world and Ok is an English language word, then it is natural that Ok is that the most used word within the world.

Before we become conscious of other full sorts of the word Ok, we'll allow you to know the history of Ok's main full form 'All Correct'.

How did the word Ok originate?

The history of the word is near about 180 years old According to the universality, the word Ok originated from the country of America within the 19th century many of us believe that Ok originated thanks to incorrect pronunciation.

But the word Ok originated as a satire or a joke, In the 19th century it was popular to use any word as a satire and people used to pronounce the words intentionally in a funny way.

Similarly, the word Ok was first utilized in a funny manner in 1839 at Charles Gordon Greene's office, and he used the term to edit a piece of writing within the Boston Morning Post on March 23, 1839 , using the word Oll Korrect .

Oll Korrect may be a mispronunciation of the word All Correct which was deliberately used as a sarcastic remark. All Correct means 'all is well'.

After this, the Short Form Ok of Oll Korrect began to be used and therefore the word Ok became popular throughout America. This word became so popular that today it is used all over the world.

According to Wikipedia, the word Ok may be a short sort of Oll Korrect which springs from American English now, in many places like social media chatting etc., the short form of Ok is additionally getting used as K.

You must have seen the word Ok written in big letters in many products. When Ok is employed during a product, then its full form is ' Objection Killed ', it means 'no objection remaining'

Other full forms of OK

According to experts, different full sorts of the word Ok are considered. Let's know

1. All correct

2. Okay

3. Objection killed

4. Objection Knock

5. All Clear

How is the word ok used?

The word Ok is used differently, let's understand -

To make a move

Example -

1. I am Ok ie I am fine.
2. You are Ok, that is, you are fine
3. All my Ok is going, that is, I am doing well.
4. I even have made the condition of my car perfectly ok, that is, I even have made the condition of my car perfectly or excellent.

To make a move 

Example -

1. I am Ok ie I am fine.

2. You are Ok, that is, you are fine

3. All my Ok is going, that is, I am doing well.

4. I have made the condition of my car perfectly ok, that is, I have made the condition of my car perfectly or very good. 

To approve or agree 

Example - Like I asked for any kind of help from someone and he told me Ok in response, then I will admit that he has given approval to help. 

To give a statement 

Example -

1. You do not interfere in my work Ok.

2. I am fine, you see you’re Ok.

3. Anyone who did not do homework tomorrow will be punished. 

At the beginning of any sentence 

Examples -

1. See Ok.

2. Ok see you. 

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