6 incredible Steps to Earn Money from Youtube lets know how to start.

6 incredible Steps to Earn Money from Youtube lets know how to start.

Promoting products and services using the Digital Marketing Concept, including advanced digital phones via the Internet, question is how you can use well-known online life stages such as YouTube. 


YouTube is a video sharing site, and YouTube is accessible and user friendly among all video sharing sites in the world. Visits on YouTube are much higher. 

YouTube marketing is about communicating a product or service to users through the uploading and sharing videos on YouTube. 

Why you start YouTube ?

YouTube marketing gets high-speed traffic, which is very time consuming for a website also SEO rankings on YouTube do not fall. 

Product design, use, appearance and experience, various information that customers can easily view from YouTube. The buyer then decides to purchase the product YouTube is a shopper base. 

What do you need? 

  • A YouTube accounts
  • A reasonably good quality computer
  • Webcam
  • Digital cameras, you can use your cell phone and good cameras
  • Internet connection
  • Good video editing software
  • Some good friends who will work with you selflessly 

Once account opened on YouTube setting up your YouTube channel work to drive more-

  • Views
  • Subscribers
  • Money

As the owner of YouTube, you have to consider two things- one is patience and the other is labor. 

YouTube is a permanent income as you know this money makes you happier before starting a discussion about YouTube marketing. 

Confidently, I say you that- The Secret of YouTube Success: - 

First, make a great video that will create some value. 

  • Solve their problems
  • Entertain them
  • Teach them

As a result, people will subscribe, share, comment, and like to your channel.


Almost all of us know that we can earn money from YouTube. That’s why many of us open a YouTube channel as a part of a hobby. Either taking YouTube as a hobby or being very serious, you will not be able to earn from it if you do not know some important things. 

How to create a YouTube Channel in 6 simple steps:

What is YouTube?

You need to learn about YouTube. YouTube is a video sharing service where users can create their profile, upload videos, watching other’s videos, like comment, and share videos. We can earn by putting ads on our videos. 

How can we earn from YouTube? 

We can earn from YouTube by putting ads. All you just need to upload videos and to connect your YouTube account with AdSense. We will discuss the procedures step by step. 

How much we can earn from YouTube? 

There is no exact amount of it. If you make quality videos with good ideas, people will watch your videos more than others. And more views increase the possibility of more earnings. Someone is told that for 1000 views on average, a person can get $1. This can be slightly more or less. 

The income comes from the clicks on the ads that are shown on the top of each video. So, 1000 view without any click means zero-dollar income! But the possibility of ads click increases with the increase of light. 

where to get started on YouTube? 

To earn revenue from YouTube, you must first open a channel on YouTube. Also, your channel should be well organized. For example, using a cover photo, channel art, etc., the channel should be professionally designed. 

Uploading a channel will require a good quality video. However, it cannot be copied or uploaded by anyone else. No copyrighted song or scene can be used on a video without a license. Always make videos based on a specific topic or topic according to the channel. The exact name (Keyword) and Keyword must be added when uploading each video. 

Before creating a YouTube channel, several videos have to be uploaded, and several visitors can be collected by sharing that video. That is, many must watch the videos. 

Then Monetization should be turned on. Once Monetization is enabled, the activation email will have to wait. Usually, the email will arrive within 48 hours. 

Your YouTube account will then be linked to a Google AdSense account. If you already have an AdSense account, you can add that account or create a new one. However, if you already have an account, do not open a new account. 

This will delete your previous account and cancel it. At the same time, you will not get AdSense for this channel. Remember that an AdSense account can be used to display ads on many YouTube accounts or websites. Many accounts do not need this.

Click Account Monetization to associate your YouTube account with AdSense or create a new one.

One thing to keep in mind is that the money earned from YouTube will be shown on AdSense on the 15th of next month. So, there’s nothing to be upset about. 

Never click on an ad on your uploaded video. This may result in your account being suspended or terminated. 

Do not spread spam to increase visitors. It will not only increase your income but also decrease it. 

But you can share the right video in the right place.

Both the channel and the video must be optimized.

Earnings from YouTube – a moment to watch from time to time. This ongoing craze, especially among teenagers. Since the quality camera monitoring of the camera phone has gone free in some parts of the world, it is vital to keep in touch with the work again. 

They have taken this medium as a professional career, or they are quite serious about working through it. Many of them are starting to work on a brand-new stage and are seeing significant success in a short time. 

YouTube is now one of the main sources of income online. So, in today’s article, it has been highlighted, to be a successful YouTube marketer, you need to keep in mind what you need to know. 

Whether you are a newbie or a long-time veteran of this line, hopefully, today’s writing will give you some clear guidelines on how to take your YouTube career even further. 

So, let’s get started: At present, YouTube is one of the few large platforms in the Internet world. About one-third of all Internet populations visit YouTube regularly. So, what this means is the popularity of online video sharing. And to build a career that exploits this popularity, everyone hastily started uploading videos on YouTube, which is one of the biggest mistakes made by new marketers. 

If you are new to YouTube or plan to work here long term, you must first have a clear understanding of YouTube and its various guidelines. You can never take advantage of this hugely popular platform without knowing YouTube well. 

Especially if you want to maintain your channel on YouTube, not only do you have to follow YouTube’s rules, you need to be a Value Providing User. That means you have to keep in mind that your work always gets value from YouTube visitors.  

Success is not easy path for any one, not many:

Another big mistake for those new to YouTube Earning is that they are just looking for a good tutorial or method. It’s a disease. There are many strategies or techniques to earn or succeed on YouTube, but there is no such thing as the Best Method. 

Those who are starting a new job should follow any proper (and timely updated) guidelines. You cannot jump to that method by watching another tutorial or course to work on a strategy. Remember, every time you jump, your success story will stop there until you come back to your line. 

So, stick to what you learned well from any reasonable source until you are successful. Knowing the right way to work can be successful in any strategy from YouTube. 


How focus in working towards a goal?

One of the most frequently asked questions that comes to us when we become an admin of a Facebook group for a long time is, “Brother, let’s say one thing that works will bring success.” Any experienced marketer can hear this question and understand that the questioner has embarked on a YouTube journey with the wrong Mindset. 

There is no such thing as a durable finish, the quality of your work, and your creativity will determine whether you can succeed. In the case of Nish selection, you must research on YouTube. There are many things on YouTube that can be made about videos, and there is no limit to visitors’ interest in them. 

And if you are regularly updated on the trends in the world, you can gain popularity by introducing something entirely new for YouTube audiences. So, at the beginning of YouTube work, you have to push your Mindset in the right direction because traditionally, we start marketing YouTube with a lot of misconceptions, which subsequently hinder our success. 

So, the first class of my video marketing course was designed to create a mindset for the participants of the course ultimately. So, no matter where you are at work, get your Mindset fixed today. 

How It is essential to channel well:

Even if you have heard it many times, it must be said that your channel is the root of your YouTube marketing business. If the sources are weak, the entire tree can become shaky. You are branding your channel correctly. From creating logos and uploading videos of the kind to the channel, each step is part of your branding. 

Even how you ask viewers to subscribe to the end of the beginning of every video is far more critical. But unfortunately, the truth is that new YouTube marketers completely ignore this issue, and later on, after long hours of work and disappointment without success.

If you can't do research, then quit YouTube today:

Yes, at present, the main skill of YouTube marketers should be to know proper research. But without paying attention to it, new marketers are wasting their time behind various shortcut tricks. Almost everyone searches for SEO Factors on YouTube, but can’t grasp how much research is tied to those factors. 

That is, I do not elaborate on SEO Factors List, but rather teach them how to research and find out why these factors are working and why YouTube is giving importance to them. It seems to me that learning how to think this way will make YouTube marketers a better researcher. 

So, for those of you who are looking to start a new career, start thinking a little differently from today. All secrets are hidden inside YouTube; your job is to research and find them. You will not benefit from anyone’s ready-made list. 

Pay attention on even small thing to make good video:

The other essential skill of new marketers is to be proficient in video making. Over the past year, YouTube has made significant changes to its platform. And the key to all these changes is improving the quality of videos uploaded to YouTube regularly. That is, YouTube wants its content creators to be more interested in producing better content or videos. 

And good video starts with a good idea, but the execution of it comes with ethical making. That means that no matter how good your plan, video-making quality is, viewers will quickly switch to another video, and YouTube will consider your video and rank your video overall ranking. 

The sad truth is, however, that most of the resources available to learn YouTube marketing don’t talk about good video making. Besides, newcomers generally think that working with a good software will produce good video. But in reality, the software will work as a blessing for you when you plan with every idea of ​​a video with the right approach. 

Thumbnail is your Salesman must highlight:

To get an excellent regular view of your video, your thumbnail must be good. There is no alternative. Many of us think that finding a good image related to my video from Google will make it possible to do a thumbnail. But there is also a research game. 

It doesn’t work if you create an image, but you have to research other videos in your niche to find out what elements in your thumbnail can be successful. 

As I said in the title of this point, the thumbnail is your salesman, which means it’s a competitive job. There are multiple videos on the same topic on YouTube, so why would a viewer exclude others from watching your video? 

The answer is that your thumbnail will catch the viewer’s attention without losing the other thumbnail. So here is the right mix of marketing and graphics – 2 topics.

Just think what can I do to learn more ? 

After uploading the video, the pay-per-view or add-on view takes a long time. However, it has been only a few days since the circulation took place in our country. This is why there is a big misconception among new YouTubers, and the fact is that after booting with paid views, that video may start to bring in regular views. 

It is such a big misconception that many people are losing money by spending money on this matter and later leaving work without raising any complaints. The fact is, paid view or paid ad will only be effective for your video when you can do the rest of the above. From now on, you need to be mindful of the quality of your work. 

Finding another option means wasting your time in the long run. Apart from these things, there are many other things that you need to work on. But the above genies are the main ones, which, if you follow correctly, you can expect to see success on YouTube. 

Above all, I believe that your hard work and sufficient research will make you successful in this sector. 

Make a YouTube Channel: 


1. At first, log-in to your Gmail account. If you do not have any Gmail account, then open a browser and search for http://www.gmail.com/. Then provide the necessary information (For ex: Name, birthday-date, etc.) and create your Gmail account. 

Precaution: Make sure that your age is more than 18 according to your birth-date. Unless you will not be able to put ads on your video. 

2. Your Gmail account has been created. While you are logged-in on your Gmail account, go to the link – http://www.youtube.com/, and if you click on the Sign-in button of the top right corner, it will automatically signed-in/logged-in you to your channel. 


To upload videos, you have to click on the upload button. And that is located beside the log-in button. By clicking the Upload button for the first time, a pop-up will be shown named – Upload, as and you will have to enter your channel name. 

After providing the first-name and last-name, click on the Create Channel button. Now it will redirect you to the upload page. From here, after clicking the upload button, a new window will be opened where you will show the file to be uploaded. 


Your video uploading will be started as soon as you select it. Then you need to provide some information. Some vital information is – 

1. Basic Info Tab: –

  • Title: Name of the video –
  • Description: Video description –
  • Tag: By using which keywords, the video can be found while searching.


2. Advanced Settings: – 

  • Video Category – License (YouTube Standard License) 


Your channel-related all information can be found in Creator Studio. To go to the Creator Studio, at first, you need to log in to http://www.youtube.com/. Then click on the profile picture of yours that is located at the top right corner. You will see the Creator Studio option besides the profile picture. Click on it. 


To show ads on your video, you need to enable Monetization for both of your channel and videos. If you go to the Status and Features option under the Channel tab in Creator Studio, you will be able to see the monetization option. But at first, it will be shown disabled by default. 

To enable channel monetization, at first, you need to go to the channel tab in Creator Studio. Then click on the advanced option. 

At first, verify your YouTube Partnership. Then select the United States as your country if the YouTube Partnership Program (YPP) not yet started in your country. Then set the keywords of the videos according to the topic. 

Press the Save button and you are done! Now go to the Status and Features option under Channel tab, and you will find that Monetization is eligible for your channel. Click on it to make it enable. 

If you follow the next steps, you will find that you are told to create an AdSense account. While creating AdSense account, provide your actual address (For example- Country, district, Thana, etc.). 

Because at the moment you reach at 10 dollars, an envelope with a pin verification code will be sent from Google to your provided address. 

Generally, it takes around four weeks to come to the code to your post-office. After completing channel monetization, you will see the monetization option enabled under Status and Features in the Channel tab. To allow video monetization, click the Video Manager tab in the Creator Studio. 

Then if you go to the video option, you will see the video list. You will find a dollar ($) sign beside every video. If it is black, then click on it. Then go to Monetization with Ads option and click save button after selecting all available ads formats. If the dollar ($) sign becomes green, then the Monetization is successful. 

And no dollar ($) sign means that as the new policy update of YouTube in the year of 2018 if a YouTuber does not get 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers in the past 12 months, his/her YouTube channel monetization will not be enabled. If you can full-fill these conditions, then you will be able to see the dollar ($) sign. 

In 2017, an update was introduced in YouTube policy that without 10000 views, Monetization will not be enabled for a YouTube channel. But in 2018, that policy is updated again and has restricted to 4000 hours watch time with 1000 subscribers in the past 12 months! 

If this policy update continues, the future of small channels will be under threat. 


At first, we are guessing that your AdSense pin verification is done and in your AdSense account, you have at least 100 dollars (100 dollars is the Default Threshold). It means that when you reach your threshold $100, your earnings will be transferred from the AdSense account to your provided bank account automatically. 

You can set the threshold as your wish. But the minimum is 100 dollars). If everything is okay, then to add a bank account, follow the steps described below- 

1. At first, log in to your Adsense account and click on the payment option under the Settings tab. Then go to Add a Payment method option.

 2. Select Wire Transfer. 

3. Bank Account Name (The name you used to create your bank account 

4. Bank Name 

5. SWIFT CODE (To know the SWIFT CODE of your bank, go to the bank/search in Google) 

6. Account number 

7. Re-type Account number 

8. Intermediary Bank (Select- Set this method as primary) 

9. Click Save button Every month on the 20th day; balance is transferred from your AdSense account to your bank account automatically. And it takes almost seven days to process the transfer. 

So, you get your payment within the 24-27th day of a month. 

In this post, we learned about how to create a YouTube channel and putting ads. now we will discuss advanced topics. 

credit to Justin Brown - Primal Video

Ranking YouTube Video: 

YouTube channels and YouTube videos can reach more people and make it easier for viewers to find. Therefore, the two methods are described below: 

(1) YouTube channel optimization and YouTube video optimization. 

First step: YouTube channel optimization:

Channel optimization must be done so that YouTube videos can be easily found. The steps for channel optimization are as follows: 

Your channel name must be simple, meaningful, and short or short. By listening to the name of the channel, it is understood that the channel was made about? What kind of video can be found here? 

The name of the channel should be kept in mind so that it can be easily remembered.

The channel description describes the type of video the user will receive. Select keywords that are relevant to them. 

Select an icon or logo that reflects your branding identity. Enrich engaging cover photos and your profile information. 

Connect your YouTube channel to the website. Your visitors will find out about your existence on YouTube. 

Step 2: Video optimization: 

The next step in channel optimization is video optimization. Just like search engine optimization, if you want to bring a website or specific page to Google’s search result, you need to optimize YouTube videos to bring a video to YouTube’s search result first. Video optimization steps, such as: 

(1). On-Page Optimization and 

(02). Off-Page Optimization. Keep in mind; the video must be H.D. quality at least 720p and 1080p better. 

(1). On-Page Optimization: 

Relevant Keywords: Use the appropriate keywords in the video title. Shorten the Keyword and match it to the corresponding video. 

It is essential to specify the most relevant keywords in the first 50 words of the video description. Before choosing a keyword for the video, do a Google search with that Keyword. 

If you see a video in the search result, give that keyword special attention. 

Video Title: The title of the video should give the most targeted Keyword. You have to start with the title of the Keyword and make it very interesting to see that this is the right video. 

Video Tags: Tags are an essential factor in YouTube marketing. Add the video tag to the video with the relevant keywords. Refrain from providing additional tags. 

Video Descriptions: You should write YouTube video descriptions very nicely. Typically, 300+ word descriptions dominate YouTube. 

Descriptions should be unique and organized with information about the video. It is best to specify the Keyword 4 times in the description. 

Transcript: Transcript is essential in video ranking. The best thing to do is to create video transcripts with words. 

Annotations: Add annotations. The annotation will remind the user to like, comment, subscribe after watching the video. 

Card: The card has recently been added to YouTube. This card will be used instead of annotations. 

Thumbnails: It is essential to add a custom thumbnail to the video. This affects users who click on the video. 

Playlist: The video must be added to a YouTube playlist.

Channel Authority: YouTube Channel Authority plays a role in video ranking. Channel authority means increasing video views as well as increasing engagement, linking channels with subscribers and websites and social media pages. 

(02). Off-Page Optimization:

High Retention Views: How many people watched your video, and how much time they watched, it is important. High Retention View refers to viewing at least 50% to 60% of the video’s total length. 

Video Comments: Comment is very important for increasing video ranking and channel authority! A good video has a lot of positive comments, which means that the video has been taken seriously. 

Enhancing engagement with a reasonable explanation or answering someone’s questions is vital to the ranking. 

Subscribers: If you like the viewer video, subscribe to the next video or update that will be a priority not only on YouTube but also on Google. 

Favourite: One of the factors in video ranking is how many people liked the video and added it to the “Watch Later” list. 

Thumbs up/downs or likes/dislikes: Video rankings depend on video like or dislike. Thumbs up if someone likes the video and thumbs down when annoyed. It also reveals the video’s video quality and reliance on the visitor. 

Backlinks: Inbound links are considered as YouTube backlinks. Relevant backlinks are useful for YouTube video rankings. 

Social Shares and Embeds: embedded in the video-sharing and blog posts on various social media have a lot of importance when it comes to YouTube video ranking. They mean that you have to share on different social media such as Facebook, Twitter. 

These are considered as YouTube ranking signals. YouTube videos can be shared on various social media using channel settings. 

Through the following five methods as described-

01. Video Length Descriptions: 

YouTube and Google can’t see or understand the video. For that, YouTube has to understand the video depending on the description of the video. The better you can understand the YouTube video, the easier it will be to rank. 

02. Using “Video Keywords”:

Ranking on YouTube is good, but if both YouTube and Google can rank it, that is good. When you do a Google search, sometimes it shows some videos and does not show again. 

03. Enhance video views from online communities: 

Online communities such as Quora and LinkedIn are one of the main ways to increase video views. People usually do not want to click on a link. But no one else watches shared videos. So, if they share videos on these sites, they share it if they like. Sharing it with people associated with the video is great. 

By video related views, YouTube ranks first when views are good, and video quality is good. Share the video to online communities so that related views that help YouTube Ranking, but must be a good quality video. 

04. Calling for Subscribing and Liking:

The YouTube algorithm does not use any backlinks. What it uses is the user experience or the ignorance of those who watch the video. Subscribing and Liking is one of the most important topics for YouTube. 

When someone subscribes after watching a video, YouTube thinks that video is very important and a video that everyone likes. Video likes are less important, but YouTube also counts. You can do this by subscribing to the video and calling in the video. You can call Subscribe at the end of the video. 

That is, invite people to subscribe, like, comment on videos. 

05. Creating Keyword-Rich Playlists: 

One of the easiest ways to increase traffic on YouTube is to streamline YouTube’s Video Playlists. That means the video playlists need to beautifully arranged. 

Increase your YouTube Channel’s rankings but don’t understand how to do YouTube Channel SEO?

For them, we have a YouTube tutorial, which is very important for YouTube marketing. Today, we will discuss some of the critical points of how to increase the ranking of a YouTube channel as much as possible. 

YouTube Channel's rankings

01. Rules for using Google Keyword Planner for keyword research: 

One of the important things about doing YouTube SEO is knowing how to use keywords properly.

If you cannot use keywords correctly in your videos, you will not be able to access your channel in the middle of the rankings as you wish. Let’s see what we will look at in terms of keyword provisioning. 

Use a keyword that is searched at least five times a month. 

Think of the number of automatic visitors you can expect from YouTube, only using minimal keywords that are the least searched. 

The use of several keywords in that search will undoubtedly contribute to your channel rankings, which you can find proof of. 

02. Try to serve your video interestingly: 

Always remember that your video will be tailored to those who watch it, but you will need to make a video. 

Do not make videos that only become good for a few people. 

Make your videos based on useful information and, of course, creative ways by harnessing your thinking in the right direction. 

If you want to make a video based on the data you want to publish, try to make the video auto complete with all the right information in the middle of the video. 

Withdraw Money from the Online Marketplace: 

How can I get money by selling products online? 

And how will the client pay me when the client works? 

And how do I get the money? 

Yes, if you can do the job successfully, the client will not pay you directly. The client will make payments in the freelancing marketplace where the client is introduced to you. That means the client will pay you wherever you get the job from. 

The website will deduct a 10% charge from the total payment in your account and deposit the remaining money in your account. This dollar allows you to transfer money to any bank account that supports online without any hassle. And these dollars will be automatically credited to your bank account and converted into your local money.

Withdraw money MasterCard 

Do many people say that if you want to withdraw money, MasterCard, etc.? 

In a word, I would say no. Freelancing is one of the top sites you can directly withdraw money from your bank account. Even if the payment is actually in dollars in your account, it will be converted to cash after you transfer it to the bank. So, there is no reason to be afraid of payment. 

However, some sites will require a MasterCard to withdraw money. However, getting a MasterCard is not as severe. You can get a MasterCard for free at Pioneer if you want.

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